20 Best nail colors for dark skin

You might not see it at first, but dark-skinned women have a unique challenge when it comes to beauty. With less melanin, their skin often has blue or purple undertones that can make finding the right foundation and cosmetics challenging. Finding the best nail colors for dark skin is even more difficult because much of the industry is still catering to lighter complexions. Many brands assume that darker skin tones will not be interested in their products and shy away from anything that strays too far outside of neutral or natural shades. Luckily, with a little research and experimentation, you can find some of the best nail colors for your skin tone!

Before picking a nail color ideas on dark skin

It’s important to know your skin’s undertone—the colour beneath your skin’s surface—when choosing a flattering nail colour.

Know your undertone

Looking at the underside of your wrist can help you determine whether you have warm or cool undertones, according to Jasmine Requena of Jazzy Nails Studio in Decatur, Georgia.

Gold and silver pieces of jewelry can help you determine whether you have a warm or cool undertone. If gold appears better, your undertone is probably warm. If you are drawn to silver, your undertones are probably cool.

Make sure to look at the moisture level and texture of your skin

West Palm Beach, Florida-based Legacy Nail Lounge owner Kim Jackson advises against using pearly or shimmery hues on dry skin, as they might appear ashy. According to her, always wear colours that make your hands look younger and fresher. To reduce wrinkles, try less obvious colours.

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Nail colors that look good on dark skin


Want to stand out? Experts recommend wearing purples to draw attention to your skin. “I am a big fan of purple!” says Jackson. “My clothes are never purple, so I like to wear purple nail polish frequently, but I still love it.” Requena adores purple. “I like every shade of purple, from lavender to a deep plum,” she says. “I feel like they all have their own beauty.”


Someone who is ‘grimey’ in Brooklyn means that they are doing something bad to someone. In other words, no one likes a grimey person, but you will definitely like this milky purple


A rich purple with a mysterious sheen, this colour is as deep as you can picture the universe to be. It’s bold enough to reveal her unique character and depth.

Fire Red

A daring red colour is the way to go if you want to make a statement. A slight squiggle in the middle will add interest and depth. Use precisely applied tape to create this negative space style.

Aqua Blue

Choose a bright aqua blue like the one shown above. If you want to add some spice to your look, try incorporating a metallic embellishment in the center.


Brown skin is always a super power! Neon nail colours are as spicy and vibrant as our cultures, so go big and bold with them. It’s OK to try new things, even if you’ve never worn a fluorescent orange nail colour before. Just remember that it only lasts for a couple of weeks,” says JoEtta Little of Clawed Nail Salon.

Pastel Pink

Choose a baby blue or soft pink shade this season to stand out. Your skin will look gorgeous against these colours.

Sky Blue

A contrast of cool colors can be achieved by pairing this neutral brown hue with a bright blue.

Boom Chakra-Laka

This electric green color creates feelings of love, balance, and positive energy! If you want an invigorating conventional look, this is the color for you!

Chocolate Brown

Linesareusedheretocreate a seam less blend of opposites, here dark brown and ocean blue. In this cool modern design, chocolate brown looks like a perfect match for dark skin, enhanced by the splash of ocean blue.

Pepper Sauce

Pepper Sauce is a red dish orange colour with excellent coverage and a blazing neon finish. It provides everything from mild to wild spicy sensations.

Peachy Perfection

Nails can be given a nice wash of muted colour with a light peach tone. However, the peachy colour here looks great with a variety of accents.

Fuchsia Fun

Fuchsia is a vibrant colour that makes a classic French manicure stand out.

Shades of red

Some might find the boldness of a red polish intimidating, but everyone can wear red nail polish if they have brown skin.


A rainbow is never hurtful if it is chic. Paint each nail a different bright colour, or get creative with a fun design.

Berry Bright

Polka dots adorning nails in berry shades instantly brightens up the look, making them especially sweet.

Lemon Yellow

Having a freshly squeezed lemon colour mixed in, you will instantly fall in love with this cheerful look.

Sparkly Metallics

Metallichuesrangingfromsilver to gold are sure to dazzle on your skin with the foil design shown here.

Highlighter Orange

Want the nails to make a bold statement this season? This vibrant hue combines highlighter nostalgia with fresh, fruity flavours to produce a nail appearance that jumps out against dark skin tones.

Earth Tones

Sure, this design doesn’t coat your whole nail in a woodsy tint of color, but as you can see, deep green, mustard, and earth-coloured accents look wonderfully beautiful on partially bare nails.


The best way to nail colors that look good on dark skin is to choose the right color for your skin. You can use a lighter shade for those with alabaster skin or a darker shade for those with tanned skin. You can also choose a color that complements your skin tone. For example, if you have a light skin tone you can go with a slightly lighter shade of your favorite color and if you have a dark skin tone you can go with a slightly darker shade of your favorite color.

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