Modern Daisy Manicure Ideas to Keep Nails Looking Fresh

Manicures are always a great way to pamper yourself and your nails, but the standard daisy design can get old fast. Luckily, you can keep your manicure fresh by switching out the basic design with some classic and MANICURE-worthy dainty design ideas. Check out these classic daisy manicure ideas to keep your nails looking their best.

Yellow Daisies

To get a fresh take on the daisy manicure, try painting all of your nails yellow, and then drawing a clear white daisy in the center. The design is simple and delicate, so it will complement any outfit or occasion.

White Daisies

This is a classic design that looks great with any outfit. Here’s what you need:
Short Daisy Manicure
First, let’s start with a short daisy manicure. Start by applying two coats of white nail polish to your nails in the shape of an “X” on the tip area and one coat of white at the center of your nails. Next, paint your tips in a light pink and add some sparkle with a top coat. Paint the bottom half of your nail in dark pink and use a small brush to draw five petals around the center. Finish it off by adding some sparkle to your nails using either glitter or nail art appliques.

Square Short Daisies

First, let’s start with the square daisy manicure. To create this design on your nails, you’ll need a nail art brush and a small dotting tool. You can use different colors to create the square daisy look by adding two to three dots in the left or right corner of the nail. If you want something a little more unique, try out this design idea: Instead of doing just one round daisy in the bottom corner, do five or six small daisies. This is perfect for someone with shorter nails who wants a more eye-catching look.

Round Short Daisies

This design is very easy and is a great way to mix up your basic daisy manicure. All you need are two colors of nail polish and a small brush. First, paint the nail with a solid color of your choice and let it dry. Next, use the other color to make dainty flowers around the base of the nails. You can also add some sparkles or glitter for an extra touch!

Shadow Short Daisies

Make a new variation on the traditional daisy manicure by adding some shadow to your short dainty daisies. Start with a base of white polish. Use a thin nail brush dipped in black polish and cover the center of your nail. Add one or two black dots as well. Finish with more white polish to complete this simple, yet stylish, design.

Pink Daisies

Pink daisies are a great manicure idea to change up the colors of your daisy manicure. You can use this look with any shade of pink, like a light baby pink or a darker rosy pink.

Classic Manicure Idea: Dot Manicure

The dot manicure is a great way to switch up your design and give your nails a fresh new look. The dots can be in any color, but adding glitter polish to the mix will steal the show!

Bottom Line

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