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The key to the perfect manicure is a quality tool. One of these tools is scissors, which can come in many different varieties and shapes depending on what you need them for – we’ll go into detail about that! Today, Allure nail will provide insight on how to choose nail nippers and what type of nipper works best for your nails versus the skin. Keep reading if you want to know more about our advice when choosing the right types of manicure scissors!
Today we’re going over two types: pointed fine cuticle scissor with blunted tip (a device small enough not to harm natural nails or skin) and curved shears with angled blades (for trimming artificial acrylics). Pointed fine cuticles have been preferred by professionals since they leave a clean edge along the free edges from all angles without damaging either natural or artificial products. These types typically last longer because unlike other models it doesn’t require sharpening due to their stainless-steel blade. Curved shears may be used as an alternative but beware that this model’s angle produces serrated edges which may damage both natural and artificial products


There are two types of nail scissors, depending on the shape of their cutting blades: straight and curved. Straight scissors are ideal for hard or strong nails; they’re convenient when doing a mani-pedi, for example. Curved scissors work well with soft or brittle nails in particular if you have a teenage manicure.

Nail scissors are available in the STALEKS brand range, which falls under Beauty and Care and Classics. Some of their key features:

  • Wide, thick blades for correcting nail plate
  • A cut line that mimics a nail shape
  • Ultrasharp blades that have been manually sharpened
  • Convenient grip due to unusual ergonomic handles
    The soft-touch surface on these matte handles makes them pleasant to the touch; they are made from medical stainless steel. A few words about pedicures: straight manicure scissors often work well for cutting nails on toes but may not be as suitable for thicker nails or if you want a more solid blade design. Straight blade designs allow you to properly trim your thumbs so they don’t grow into your skin too much too quickly.

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I want to talk about a tool for children. We talked about this before when we spoke of opening a beauty salon specifically for children.
A special tool is necessary for the manicure-one that’s made just for kids, not adults or teens, like our Beauty and Care or Classic series from STALEKS offer you. The best option is one with handles of medium size so they can be handled easily by little ones without any problems at all! Scissors are also included in these kits; well-designed scissors with straight blades and thickened edges which make them perfect tools to safely cut nails without harming your baby’s delicate skin too much – something that would never happen if using adult-sized shears! These specially designed scissors allow you to cut the nail perfectly along their contour on small fingers making it possible where other adult-sized tools can’t go…


We return to the consideration of adult manicures and process the cuticle. A classic way does not include softening and cutting down skin that has grown on a nail. There are two ways in this case: one is with thin, neat scissors; another is with handy clippers for nails.
Cuticle scissors look nicer than ordinary nail clippers as they have sleek blades at their tips, which can remove cuticles without harming your skin in any way – if you care about how your hands look like then sharp nail clipping shears may be exactly what you need!
If you want something more convenient for self-manicuring purposes, take a good hard glance at STALEKS’s scissor product line-up including Exclusive, Expert, and Smart series instruments suitable tools found therein! KS PRO offers an array of high-quality equipment that will make life easier when it comes to manicure maintenance tasks regardless of whether performed by oneself or left up to professionals


Micro scissors are a simple and convenient tool for nail care that allows you to easily cut the skin near your nails, as well as evenly trim off burrs. They are also called “tweezers” because of their unique design. Tweezers usually have thin blades like scissor-shaped with rings, but micro scissors just have one handle with a spring in between it and another handle on top of it instead.

Working with these tools is straightforward; there’s no need to make any efforts to compress them between both hands while cutting hair or cuticles (which can be difficult when working on large surfaces). The sharp edges allow you to uniformly trim off excess hangnails without taking too much surface area away from the surrounding tissue which would create wounds or cause damage where cuts happen more frequently than desired such as at the corners around your fingers’ ends where they meet at right angles.


With these scissors, you can easily cut your nails and cuticles. They’re hard to imagine, but manufacturers of professional tools are capable of much!
Nail technicians like the versatility that such scissors offer. During the procedure, you need to switch from cutting your nails with nail scissors and using a standard shape for easy cutting- this is where a universal manicure tool comes in handy!
Universal shears have blades that smoothly fold into each other or sharply transition into one another (depending on what type). For these types of shears, there are two parts: thinner ones for removing any excess around the edges or at sensitivity spots on hands/feet; wider ones for getting rid of unwanted length near fingertips/toes


More tools for the Goddess of tools! It is not necessary to drown in a variety of scissors and suffer, choosing one thing. The specific type of scissors performs its particular task, and it is essential for a professional to gain experience working on different tools.
Quality matters when it comes to scissor selection; choose corrosion-resistant medical steel scissors from STALEKS PRO that will retain their aesthetic value during regular sterilization.
The main advantages: are durability and strength- the blades do not oxidize over time with disinfection; they can be processed in an oven or heated dryer which gives way for manual sharpening with impeccable sharpness; soft stroke; reasonable price point from a local manufacturer.
It’s pleasant such STALEKS PRO Scissors are easy to work with – whether you’re an experienced manicurist or novice technician at home use – these are excellent quality given the price point!

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