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10 Ideas Brown Nails You Need To Try In 2022

Brown is my favorite color. It reminds me of comfort and warmth, like a comfy little blanket on a cold day or the coziest chair in the room. There’s something about it that makes things feel cozy to me, which I think has to do with its association with all things earthy and comfortable! Brown nails can be simple or complicated – you can choose from any design you want for your manicure this fall! Here are some helpful tips for creating your own nail art – try these patterns out:

1. Brown Tips

This is the most basic type of this look. It’s classic but trendy because it’s a spin on the regular French manicure. You can do brown tips, or you can get more elaborate with your design and add some color in there too! See pics below for inspiration

2. Nude Heart Designs

nude heart design

This look is based on heart designs you would see on tombstones in a cemetery. The design can be found light and nude over deep brown nails.

3. Brown Heart Designs

brown heart design

This is a design that’s very similar to the nude heart look, but it has brown at the top instead of some color. I think this looks simple enough for anyone to do and personally love how these brown hearts pop on lighter or nude nails! Recommend doing these designs over darker shades if you want them really visible.

4. Brown Tips Nails With Dots

nails with dot

This simple outfit is perfect for an everyday fall look. It’s nice and clean but still has a bit of pop to it, making it interesting without being too out there.

5. Geo Heart Designs

Geo heart design

This is my favorite nail design I’ve done so far! It’s a very simple, but an interesting style that can be worn all year round. These nails are perfect for fall because they’re warm but still fun and vibrant.

6. Abstract Brown Nails

Abstract brown nail

This is a simple, clean design that is perfect for fall. Abstract nails are one of my favorite designs! They can be done in tons of different ways so I included some creative inspiration photos below.

7. Chocolate Brown With Gold Details

chocolate brown nail

Here is another way you can incorporate brown nails into an autumn outfit- gold details! These chocolate brown nails are super cute with swirly little gold dots over the top of them which makes them perfect for fall since it’s time to break out the gold accessories.

8. Different Shades On Each Nail

One way to do this look is to use different shades of brown on each nail. I think that the effect, while simple and clean, still has a unique quality and it’s easy enough for anyone with a little practice at home.

9. Plaid Brown Nails

plaid brown nails

I’ve been really into plaid nails for a while now, but especially the brown plaid. They can be quite complicated to do; however, they are totally worth it!

10. Marble Brown Nails

Marble brown nails

Marble brown nails are a subtle and chic design! See the photos below for inspiration on how to do them. Feel free to try marble brown nails.

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